Commissioner’s Message To His Men

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25 February 2016

This is my message to our hardworking, courageous officers who have committed their lives in service to the people of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas:

“My beloved sons and daughters, we have chosen a noble profession -policing. The Royal Bahamas Police Force has existed since 1840. Over the course of its history, decent, unselfish, brave officers have served with courage, integrity, and Loyalty. They have left us a legacy of which we can all be proud. We owe them a debt of gratitude and an obligation to add value to that legacy. We cannot flinch and droop our shoulders in the face of criticism and adversity. We must keep our chins up and our shoulders squared. Ignore the evil doers and those who are unkind with their words and deeds.

We have a country to protect. A place we call home. A place that we love. I want each of you to press forward proudly. Like each of you, I love my God, my family, my country, my people, and my police Force. I took an oath of office and I held the Holy Bible in my hand when I did. I believed what I said while holding that Holy Bible at the tender age of 18. I stand by that oath today. I am a peace maker and a decent upright Bahamian. I will let no one change this fact about myself.

Thank you, my organizational children, for your sacrifices. I am proud of you. We can never repay you and your families for the sacrifices you make.

Let us continue the great work that we are doing and let us continue to lead the way with courage, integrity, and loyally while delivering care, respect, and trust. There is much work to be done. STAY FOCUSED.

Blessings will fall on our nation and on you.


Ellison Greenslade