Condolences On Eleuthera Deaths And A Correction

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The late Candice McDonald with her boyfriend T’Sean Mott, Treasurer of PYL

The PLP issued the following statements on the deaths of three people in Eleuthera as a result of a boating accident.  The drivers of the vehicles were charged with manslaughter in the death of Candice McDonald, Jay Roberts, Leanna Cartwright. May they rest in peace.

15 March 2021

I want all of our supporters to pray for the repose of the soul of the late Candice McDonald and the others who died in that tragic boating accident on Sunday night off Mann Island near Harbour Island. Candice is the late girlfriend of T’Sean Mott who is now the treasurer of PYL. I have spoken to Ms McDonald’s parents and to T’Sean. They are understandably distraught and distressed. They need our prayerful support. I assured them that the Leader, Mrs Davis, the Deputy and Mrs Cooper and our entire leadership team are praying for them. Please remember them and all the other families in your prayers.


For Immediate Release

19 March 2021

On the 16th March 2021, the Progressive Liberal Party issued a statement of condolences on the tragic death of young Bahamians in a boating accident off North Eleuthera. 

In that statement we reported that Rose Carey was among the fatalities. Her death was reported in error and for that the PLP issues an unqualified apology to the family and friends of Ms. Carey.

We wish Rose Carey a speedy recovery.