Congratulations To Andrew Burrows

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(Mr. Burrows complained that ZNS refused acknowledge his accomplishment)

This morning, I was informed that my program “Irma From the Inside” received “Recognition by Special Mention” in the category of Best Documentary in the 2017 Caribbean Broadcast Union Awards. Basically, it means I made the second best documentary of 2017 in all of the countries that make up the CBU. This includes Jamaica. This includes Cuba as well.

It’s a big deal I guess. ZNS has won the People’s Choice award two or three times before in the CBU but that’s basically a popularity contest that’s judged on online voting where there is no limit to how many times you can vote. One year, Shock Treatment lost out to another ZNS show but then again, there were groups of summer students who were charged with clicking votes. I digress. This is a judged category. This means that the region’s best adjudicators in television looked at my work and thought it was good enough to be recognized.

This is great. I’ve won locally and now I’ve won internationally. These people don’t know me from Adam. The looked at my work and said “that there is worthy” and I thank them.

This was my last project to air before I was moved from ZNS. I was in production on two other programs. This one, however, was personal. Hurricane coverage is always personal because it’s true national service. I thank the folks who agreed to be a part of this project by being interviewed and sharing their memories and views. I especially thankDarold Miller for his contribution. Darold was sure that I wouldn’t use his true feelings in the final piece or if I did, “the people upstairs” wouldn’t allow it to air. I am thankful it went in as intended and true to life. Thank you Bahamas for watching it and allowing my work to be seen. If you don’t watch, I can’t work. It’s that simple so I am always thankful.

Last but certainly not least, I thank my ladies at home. My family. They send me off and they face the hurricanes on their own once provisions are made but they are home on their own when the storms hit and I’m working. They’ve endured this for Hurricanes Sandy, Joaquin, Matthew and Irma. It’s not an easy thing to leave them while a hurricane is coming. Two little girls and a woman. But they are the bravest, smartest, most patient and understanding women. Winning this is for them. Thank you ladies. I love you.