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The murders are now up to 120 for the year in The Bahamas which surpasses the figure for last year.  There seems to be no end to the carnage.  If anyone has ideas on how this can be stopped, let’s hear it. Problem is plenty of talk on the subject but the matter is not being solved either by Government, police or civic leaders.  It threatens to undo the good work being done by the PLP government, if the opponents of the PLP are successfully able to pin this on the PLP.  It is of course not a  PLP problem but given the propensity of the press to blame everything and the kitchen sink on the PLP, it won’t be long before that is done.  Sometimes, the party just needs to do or say something which gives the impression of action or concern.  But should not continue to seem to ignore it  or seem paralyzed like the deer in the headlights. Let’s try for example getting more policemen involved in stopping the crime before it happens.  The report is that too many officers are tied up in the investigating department of the police force instead of in enforcement.  The other thing is intelligence led policing.  The report is that the leadership of the Security and Intelligence Branch of the Force must change.  Otherwise the Government will find itself on the losing end of the stick.