Dames Needs To Butt Out Of Police Business

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Chester Cooper reported to the country that since the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis had issued a threat to him, he was reporting that threat to the Commissioner of Police.  Dr. Minnis, speaking last week to the press about the allegation made by Mr. Cooper that he mislead the House on the question of Oban Energy and the oil project in Grand Bahama, said that Mr. Cooper should be “very careful”.  What precisely was that?  Careful about what and about whom?  The PLP issued this statement in response to the response by the Minister of National Security Marvin Dames who claimed that in making the report to the Commissioner of Police, he was wasting his time.

From The Office of Chairman of the PLP

Statement responding to Marvin Dames On Chester Cooper’s Complaint to the COP

For Immediate Release

28 March 2018

The statement attributed to the Minister of National security in this morning’s press that the complaint by Chester Cooper MP and Deputy leader of the PLP that the Prime Minister threatened him may be ” wasting the time” of the police is irresponsible .

We have indicated in the past our concern that the Minister of National Security does not understand that as much as he wishes to be Commissioner of Police that ship has sailed. He is the Minister of National Security. He has no say in whether a complaint is to be entertained or not by the police. Is he arguing by his statement that he can interfere with the course of justice?

His comment is prejudicial and he ought to apologise for it and withdraw it.