Darron Cash Trying To Be Relevant

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Darron Cash and Duane Sands are two increasingly anxious fellows.  They want desperately to remain relevant to the country and they must start by being relevant to the FNM.  Despite our advice last week to stay out of big people’s business and try instead to secure his nomination for Carmichael, Mr. Cash was again in the press calling for   Prime Minister Perry Christie to turn over the negotiations for Bahamar to the former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham on the basis that the latter has the experience to deal with it.   Mr. Cash of course like a good FNM conveniently forgets that the reason we are in this mess is because of Hubert Ingraham frightening the original American financiers of the project away.   There would be no Chinese Export Import Bank ,if Mr. Ingraham had simply let happen what Mr. Christie left in place when he left office in 2007.  So no thank you Mr. Cash.  Mr. Ingraham can keep his advice to himself and mind his own damn business.  Again, we say to Mr. Cash stay out of big people’s business.