David Gets Killed By The Police In Fox Hill

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The police have believed for years that David Rolle aka David Nicolls of Fox Hill and of Haitian parentage was responsible for the crime and killing press in Fox Hill.  They kept the pressure up on him but according to him they could never get him.  Several of the murders that happened in Fox Hill over the past year they say were people missing David and hitting someone else or David ordering hit on someone. When you saw him he was engaging friendly and made out a case that he was simply struggling like everyone to make ends meet.  In the late hours of Friday 23 November all of that came to an end when the police issued a statement saying that they confronted him in Abner Street outside an apartment complex, he pulled a gun and they fired and killed him.  As with what happens with these things, parts of the Fox Hill Community are outraged.  They used the picture posted here to say that it is obvious that the police planted the gun in his hand.  The coroner is investigating.