MP Freddie McAlpine Must Be Fish Or Fowl

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FNM MP Freddie McAlpine is seeking to be all things to all men.  He bolted from the party discipline by setting himself as urging the Government to do something to fix Grand Bahama as opposed to sending hurricane relief to Dominica.  When he gets up in the House, the FNM hold their breath because they do not know what he is going to say.  Last week on Wednesday 22 November, he got up in the House to speak on the new Commercial Enterprise Bill which seeks to give foreigner automatic work permits to work in The Bahamas.  He inexplicably said that he supports it but he wants Bahamians to benefit.  How the hack can Bahamians benefit when the whole bill wrecks the Bahamianization regime.  This is trying to be all things to all men.  You cannot have your cake and eat it to.  You have to be fish or fowl.  Leslie Miller found out in the PLP in the last election that no matter how frank you appear to be if you’re on the wrong side you are out when the voting comes.  Rev. McAlpine: “Choose you this day, whom you will serve.”