We Agree With Gladstone Thurston Except For One Paragraph

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Last Saturday 18 November was a hell of an experience for The Press Club.  They who are described by Andrew Allen as the adoring FNM Media, invited their hero Hubert Minnis, the Prime Minister to accept the award as Man of the Year and to address them.  In it, he launched an attack on them and called them everything but a child of God.  This proved again how hopeless this man is: petty, ungracious and spiteful.  He brings all those talents to government.  But the crew at the Press Club deserved it and they deserve each other.  Gladstone Thurston who won the Etienne Dupuch Lifetime Achievement Award was incensed and he after sitting through the speech and in the picture standing next to the Prime Minister wrote a cowardly letter to the public attacking Mr. Minnis long after he had left the scene.  We take no issue when thieves and rogues fall out. The only problem is he had to throw a gratuitous line in his letter about the PLP who is not part of this fight. He claimed that the press has to substitute for the PLP as an Opposition because the PLP is discredited.  Now you know we had to count to ten before telling him about his you know what and someone close to him.  That is the problem right there.  The Press is discredited.  They have the inability to see reason and logic.  The PLP is not discredited.  The PLP lost an election and will win the next one and Gladstone Thurston can do nothing to stop that.   Next time if you don’t like what Mr. Minnis is saying why not tell him to his face.  Don’t wait until the man is gone.  Oh also, while we found the rants of Juan McCartney on the radio on this same topic inebriating, the same goes for him.  Be brave!