Shaquille O’Neil Is A No Show For FNM Fox Hill MP

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Each day the people of Fox Hill are asking what a thing they have done by electing Shonel Ferguson to be their new MP on 10 May.  She has a series of failures to her credit.  The last one was the fact that she sent out an announcement throughout Fox Hill that the American Basketball star Shaquille O’Neil was coming to Fox Hill. Perhaps because the news of his appearance with the Minister of National Security Marvin Dames in  Mt. Moriah his constituency and that Mr. O’Neil gave out turkeys brought the hordes out to the Fox Hill park.  The crowd was thick in Fox Hill starting from about 3 p m. By eight thirty there was still no basketball star.  The MP gave no explanation but one of her reps told people that he was no longer coming that he had gone to the airport and had departed.  Poor lady.  Another failure.