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Tribune Photo of Branville McCartney

2nd June

You know what they say about the intrepid leader of the DNA, the extra-parliamentary third party Branville McCartney. He never misses a chance to look in the mirror and have something to say.  Last week it was getting up in the affairs of the FNM and telling Dr. Hubert Minnis what he should do to the six rebel MPs whose letter was leaked to the press.  This what Mr. McCartney told The Tribune in his own words published on 2 June:

 “Heads would roll. For persons to take that approach and then chicken out and don’t take it further, well they would need to meet the consequences. And certainly I would hate for that to happen within the DNA while I’m the leader, because there are options that the leader can do.

 “And I will not take it lightly, I can tell you that. And I trust the good doctor would not take it lightly as well. Because that’s almost mutiny; that’s almost mutiny within the FNM.” 

 “…And then I read where one of the ‘Sad Six’ (MPs) said they were not trying to undermine the leader. Well I don’t know what you call that. If you decide to give the leader an ultimatum that he must do certain things or else, and then you have a letter we’re told, to present to the governor general again – this is the second time. If that is not undermining the leader then I don’t know what is. That is a sad state; the FNM is in a sad state. Which is unfortunate because they are the Official Opposition.” 

 “Certainly I heard when (Dr. Minnis) said he was very happy last weekend, said that he never felt better, and he said that he has no gripe with anybody. Well I’m sorry, I would if that were to happen, I would not be happy with that situation.” 

 “I don’t know if they have thought it through in that regard. The leader of the party has significant powers within the party, has significant say in who runs for the next election, has significant say as to whether or not people ought to be disciplined within the party, has significant say as to whether or not people ought to be expelled from the party. Dr. Minnis has a lot of choices at his disposal.”