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tadalafil viagra times;”>Dr. Duane Sands: “Pay me my money or I don’t operate.” 

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Shane Gibson MP: “greedy doctors” won’t stop NHI

So what is happening over this fight on National Health Insurance and the shape that it’s gonna take is a political battle it appears.  Shane Gibson, the Minister for National Health Insurance, threw down the gauntlet last week by saying this: “for those persons who are not on board, that’s their right. If they think that making the mighty dollar is more important than saving lives, I can’t kill them for that. Our plan is to carry on with universal healthcare. We know for a fact that we will never get everybody onboard, but this is the right thing to do and so we will be doing it.” That was said on Monday 18 January in response to the Association of Consultant Physicians who said that if their ideas were not taken on board they would refuse to cooperate with the new scheme.  Mr. Gibson’s point:  join or be left behind.  We agree.  It was interesting the response to that.  The doctors all piled on.  They accused Mr. Gibson of threatening doctors.  They accused the government of not consulting the doctors. The Prime Minister speaking at the Bahamas Outlook Seminar on Wednesday 20th January said to the doctors that there was no point sitting on Mt. Olympus and attacking the government through the press.  The better view was to dialogue with the government.  He said if something is wrong, then tell the government and he will try to fix it.   If the Prime Minster was depending on the doctors to respond positively, don’t count on Dr. Wesley Francis to help.  We reviewed all that he said and his statement on behalf of the Medical Association which  was a mish mash of commentary and political diatribe.  No ideas advanced.  For example, he claims that the doctors want to know how it’s going to be funded and how much is allocated and where is the money coming from.  Interesting.  Why is that their business?  They treat patients every day and Dr. Duane Sands asks for his 75,000 up front.  H doesn’t worry about where it comes from.  All he knows is he you don’t pay it, he won’t operate. You understand.