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The doctor who is now Minister of Health Duane Sands is really not fit for the purpose.  It appears like the other petty, spiteful members of his party, he is simply there to dismantle what the PLP left in place for the people of The Bahamas.  National Health Insurance is being systematically dismantled, leaving the signature programme which the PLP put in place to help the poor in shambles and the poor unprotected. So that much is obvious.  What we found hilarious though was Dr. Sands crying crocodile tears over the fact that the US is raiding Bahamian nurses and luring them to the US with higher salaries.  He says that he has to do something about it and seems to blame the PLP with his sly comment to The Tribune that this is what happens when you take your eye off the ball.  First nurses in PMH mainly despise him for his haughty and high handed attitude.  So don’t come with all this false sympathy for nurses. Secondly, people are asking why it is that a Minister of the Government is still working at operations in the hospitals in The Bahamas, against the rules for Ministers of the Government.  Lastly though, he is part of a government that denigrated the professionals hired by the Government when their salaries were over 100,000 per year.  We told them that people get paid what they are worth.  If you want to keep them you have to pay them.  So let the nurses go where they can get better pay. Maybe he and his clown friends who are members of this FNM government will get the point that they have to respect professionals.