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So Lanisha Rolle, the troublesome, quarrelsome, incompetent Minister of Youth Sports and Community Affairs resigned in a long letter to the Governor General. She said everything but the real reason that she resigned.  It was only minutes later that the statement from the Cabinet Office gave us a clue as to what the reason or reasons might be.

The statement said this “ Certain matters have been brought to the attention of the prime minister and are under investigation.”

What were these certain matters?  Nothing more was said but the press was able to secure the answers if not the full truth.

The Minister declared in 2017 a net worth of 70,000 dollars, the press said.  She made as a minister and MP the sums of 28,000, 66,000 and a duty allowance of 5,000 dollars that adds up to $99,000.

The press said that since becoming a minister she bought a high end property in Cunningham Estates for 225,000 and obtained a loan from the Credit Union for 300,000 but is building on the lot a house that looks to cost 800,000.

It is possible that her husband’s income will service the debt.

The other back channel information is this.  A number of FNM MPs have been using the power they have to give contracts for roadside cleaning and other occasional work from the government to friendly contractors. The deal is half the money comes back to the MP. 

The PLP said in its statement that it understood that the cost of doing business at the Ministry of Sports came at too high a price.  The FNM friendly contractors were complaining.  

Well Lanisha Rolle is gone but there you have it again, the people who said they came in to fight corruption seem to be among the biggest promoters of it.

The Prime Minister though was most remarkable of all. After all the fanfare about being decisive in accepting the resignation, he now says nothing is going to be done about it because according to him there is no investigation into the minister. Remember now, this is the same man who issued a statement saying matters were under investigation when he accepted the resignation.

You just can’t make this stuff up.