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Well between the Minister of Education Jeffery Lloyd and the Minister of Health Dwayne “Heartless” Sands, we don’t know who is turning out to be the most cruel and imperious.  Last week Dr. Sands was at it again in his usual inelegant fashion telling parents not to send their kids to school to learn to be doctors because there will be no jobs for them when they reach.  So, he told them they should go into allied fields: nursing maybe.  What if his parents had been told that?  It just comes off as clueless.  Not to be outdone, the Minister of Education who has been under pressure from the MP for Englerston Glenys Hanna Martin over the failure to pay the scholarship monies for Bahamian students at UWI announced that there will be a cap per annuum from now on. Only 25 students in medical school will be supported by the Government. He too said that too many people want to be doctors.