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Okay so now the FNM has launched with great fanfare last week on Thursday 25th October through the voice of Dr. Robin Roberts , their version of the National Health Insurance programme. Guess what? It isn’t much different from the PLP’s plan. You have to laugh. It took these people 17 months in office to be able to say they have to go with National Health Insurance as the PLP designed it.  The PLP told them from the start was that this was the only way to pay for quality health care.  They of course in the their announcement last week scared the bejesus out of people by saying that they will be taxing income at the rate of 2 pe cent across the board to pay for it.  The PLP knew there would have to be a fee.  Such a fee would have been phased in so that the economy could bear it.  Further, the PLP did not contemplate the 60 per cent hike in the rate of VAT taxation which this FNM Government has heaped upon our people.  Any way National Health Insurance it is, and we await to see whether they really mean to do it.