Esther Williams Funeral In Photos By Peter Ramsay

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Esther Williams nee Mortimer’s funeral took place at the Christ Church Cathedral where she served and worshipped.  She was the wife of businessman Edward Williams. Christ Church Cathedral published the following notice: Mrs. Esther Williams died on Wednesday past (August 16th). Condolences are extended to her husband, Edward Williams and their children, Patrick, Celeste, Karen, Neil and their families; siblings: Joan Mortimer, Anne Whitehead, Ayres Neeley, Weston, Lowell and Phillip Mortimer. Mrs. Williams’ funeral will be held on Thursday, August 24th at 10:30 a.m.

The photos are by Peter Ramsay.  The cremains are in the columbarium of the Cathedral.

Mrs. Williams was born in the Mortimer family of the Best Ever Candy Company on East Street, a business that survives today as Mortimer’s still on East Street.