EU Pulls A Fast One On The Caricom Countries

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cialis canada for sale times;”>Just last week the Caricom countries along with their Latin counterparts were in a love fest with the European in Brussels at the summit of Caribbean and Latin American leaders with the European Leaders.  They mentioned not a word about issues with the financial services sector in the region.  The only one to reference it was the Prime Minister of The Bahamas Perry Christie who spoke about the need to protect it.  The Caricom leaders were not home a week yet before the wretched European leaders pulled  a fast one and blacklisted their countries because of the financial services sectors in those countries. The Bahamas Ministry of Financial Services released the following statement: 

cialis usa patient times;”>MINISTRY OF FINANCIAL SERVICES

generic times;”>PRESS RELEASE 

 It is disappointing that The Bahamas has been placed on a European Union Blacklist of jurisdictions that have been identified as facilitating tax evasion.

It is also regrettable that the EU blacklist does not take into consideration the significant efforts and accomplishments experienced by The Bahamas in the area of tax transparency, both within the EU and globally.  

This includes the many tax information exchange agreements (TIEA’s) signed by The Bahamas, progress within the OECD Global Forum on Automatic Exchange of Information (OAEI), and more recently the landmark action taken by the Government of The Bahamas in signing the inter-governmental Agreement with the United States of America as it relates to the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).