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Voters lining up to vote for what? ( file photo The Tribune)

The Members of Parliament in this country will soon have to be canonized by the Pope for their work as MPs.  The stuff that gets landed on them by constituents is astounding. Every issue whether personal or public lands at their feet. If a constituent needs a job, they call the MP.  If they need to borrow money because of issues arising, they call the MP. It almost seems that if they want to go to the toilet, they have to call the MP. It has become ridiculous. The roof is leaking, call the MP. If the cable is off : call the MP.  It seems like people have forgotten that in life you make choices, some of them lead to financial ruin but only in the gravest of emergencies should it require the intervention of a public official. The misuse of the term emergency or urgent is another issue. Things that people describe as urgent are not urgent at all: important maybe but not urgent. Paying your child’s school fees or your power bill that you did not pay for three months is not urgent. Urgent is: there is a gun to your head.  In the main the individual citizen is responsible for his own debts, getting his own job and buying his own food, fixing his own roof.  That is not the job of an MP. But will we ever get this.  Perhaps not in the life time of the people in this parliament.  We really feel sorry for these MPs. Why in God’s name would anyone want the job of MP is beyond comprehension?