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So the FNM partisans led by the intrepid troika Michael Pintard, Dr. Danae Sands and Shannendon Cartwright were out in the public square with their supporters dressed in  black and calling for action on crime.  You would think again that these people would have some shame. First, given what is happening with one of their own Members of Parliament, namely the MP for Long Island, they should really be checking for crime in their own backyard. Secondly, they are the ones who sat in the Cabinet and agreed to scrap social programmes and to suppress the population for two years in the name of covid, running a virtual police state and now when the country is free again and the social pressures are exploding they want to talk about crime.  The Leader of the Opposition and his colleagues tried to walk away from their actions in Government and separate themselves from the policies of Hubert Minnis  but they cannot.  There is something called collective responsibility. You take the benefit and the burden. The stayed in the Cabinet : Sands and Pintard both agreed with the policies.  They didn’t resign. So now crime is for them have to answer, not the PLP.  The PLP is struggling to get on top of it.