Exuma A Good MP But Government Neglect

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Senator Fred Mitchell at the Christmas Tree lighting in Georgetown, Exuma and from left Livingston Ferguson, local head of customs, Rev. Franklin McKenzie, Deputy Chief Councillor Pat Smith, Administrator Adam Munroe, and Exuma MP Chester Cooper 14 December.

It was a joyous occasion, the Christmas Tree Lighting on 14 December.  The usual guest from Nassau Fred Mitchell, no longer a Minister and MP but now a Senator and Chair of the PLP, was there.   He introduced the newest man on the block Chester Cooper who is now the MP for Grand Bahama and now Deputy Leader of the PLP.  This was the first time out as MP for Christmas.  The Christmas Tree Lighting is a special project of Jen Dames, originally from Exuma, who now lives in Boston. She had to miss it because it had to be rescheduled because of the weather and she had to return home to Boston.  She spoke to the crowd from Boston by phone.  The kids had a super time. Exuma as community seems to be pretty happy with their new MP.  They think he is doing a good job. The problem is that the PLP lost the general election. The FNM is exacting its pound of flesh on Exuma by stopping the plans to fix the airport and allowing the roads to deteriorate. So the PLP will have to work as hard as it can to be sure that Mr. Cooper and Exuma survives in the PLP column next time. In the meantime, let us thank Exuma for their support and Mr. Cooper for his work.