Peter And Financial Services

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The FNM is a remarkable group of inept and dishonest people. Their Minister of Finance Peter Turnquest and the Minister of Financial Services Brent Symonette complete with a newly named bill after him are off on a jaunt in Europe to sign a number of agreements in Paris and in San Marino which commit The Bahamas to best practices in transparency to protect the financial services sector or so they say.  It is all a bunch of gobbledygook but the bottom line is that The Bahamas has now agreed to the automatic exchange of tax information, to  end tax competition which means that somewhere along the line there is going to be income tax one expects and we have also joined the  Base Erosion and Profit Sharing Initiative and the Code of Conduct which applies there with the EU, essentially stopping the business of shopping around for a better tax environment,  The Prime Minister Hubert Minnis when he spoke in the House of Assembly to announce this signing away of our sovereign rights praised the three musketeers of his government who are responsible for it Brent Symonette, Peter Turnquest and Carl Bethel. They ought to be hanging their heads in shame. Who can be proud of this treachery that they have committed on our national life?  But that is not the real issue we raise here but what we are concerned about is the propensity of Hubert Minnis to keep blaming the PLP for their laziness and inaction.  He claimed again that it was the PLP who caused the delay and almost got us blacklisted. That is a lie.  But lying by the FNM Government is its stock in trade.