FNM Disinformation About Shane Gibson

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The picture is that of the business of Eric Gibson Jr, the brother of Shane Gibson, the Minister in Florida.  The FNM claimed that the restaurant is built off monies of Shane Gibson which they claimed were siphoned off from monies of Shane Gibson which they claimed were siphoned from the gains that are the subject of these phoney charges brought against him.  All false just like the charges.  The brother of Mr Gibson posted this response to the fake FNM stories:

Eric Gibson Jr & his wife Ruth Lynnette Gibson (ONLY) started Bahama Grill in Nassau Bahamas on 4th December 2009 as a takeout after retiring from an offshore bank where Eric was a director on the board with responsibilities for IT & Operations. The business quickly expanded to a 300 seat restaurant and bar where 55 Bahamians enjoy employment. Bahama Grill has successfully opened a location in Parkland Florida at 7619 N State Road 7, Parkland 33073. The reviews so far are EXTREMELY GOOD. The plan is to open another 10 in the south Florida area through franchising. It is EXTREMELY disappointing when my fellow Bahamians choose to condemn as opposed to celebrate this GREAT achievement. Thank you for the pictures and the exposure but I humbly request that you get your FACTS correct. Now I know why the phone was ringing off the hook today