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Free National Movement Chairman Carl Culmer

There is a saying that when thieves and rogues fall out, honest men come by their just deserts.  Nothing demonstrates this more than the fake row between the Nassau Guardian and Candia Dames on the one hand and Carl Culmer and the dolts who are FNMs.  The FNM wants her fired after the Nassau Guardian published a story saying that the Acting Governor General C A Smith had trashed the choice of Sir Roland Symonette as a national hero. The story turned out to be false.  It was George Smith who said it, not C A Smith.  The reporter Royston Jones was suspended for his error. The FNM wants more, they want Candia to be dismissed. Well its FNMs fighting amongst themselves. May they pluck their eyes out and die. Here was the statement by the FNM.


From the

Free National Movement


July 17, 2018

Ethics Matter In Journalism


Free National Movement (FNM) issues the following statement regarding the lack of ethical standards at the Nassau Guardian and its editor Candia Dames surrounding their made up interview with Deputy to the General Governor His Excellency Ambassador Cornelius A. Smith:


“When the people as a whole depend on your organization for the facts, you have an obligation to do your job right each and every time. Now that Candia Dames has admitted to the gravest of journalistic lapses, it is clear that she and the publishers must do the right thing.


“If the Editor and Publisher of the paper truly believe that issuing a simple apology is sufficient, then they need to re-evaluate their entire code of ethics.  The Bahamian people are smart enough to see the writing between the lines.  Candia Dames, the editor of the Guardian has done everything in her power to tear down the FNM Government since before they were even elected and the opportunity to govern.  She uses her position of trust, to report her opinions and what she believes to be true instead of ensuring factual commentary.


“In light of her allowing a completely fabricated and untrue story to be published this past Saturday, she should follow the industry standards and resign from the Guardian.  Her resignation will allow the Bahamian people to have faith that when they are reading the news, that they can believe what they are seeing.


“Time and time again we have seen journalists and editors resign when they breech the public’s trust and this case should be no different.  Journalistic staff from the USA Today, CNN, The New York Times and many other organizations have all followed the industry norm of resigning when they publish stories that are false, fake or untrue.  If Candia Dames has any respect for the readers of the Nassau Guardian, the profession of journalism and journalistic ethics, she should take responsibility for the egregious actions of her reporters and her own failure to check the facts and resign immediately.”