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The greatest threat to the resurgence of the PLP as the major political party in the country is the lack of self-esteem of some of its members.  There appears to be a problem since the last election where the FNM has caused many PLP supporters to buy into the propaganda of the FNM that being a PLP is negative.  The PLPs seem to repeat too often the negative images of the FNM about PLPs.  So the first thing is for the PLP to throw off this negative self-image and embrace the unchallenged fact that the PLP is the party that created the nation.  The PLP put in place all of the national infrastructure of a social, political and economic nature.  The FNM did not do one thing toward any of that.  They were in power to enrich themselves shown in the UBP incarnation and now in the FNM incarnation.  The PLP has a special convention coming up and too many people were saying we must postpone, we must put off.  It’s too much to get done.  False.  It must get done.  Get a grip people and vote for change on 28th July at the Holy Trinity auditorium.  The gavel comes down at 9:30 a.m. to begin the session and have a wonderful convention.