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The poor Leader of the Opposition Michael Pintard, he has to worry about so much going on in his own organization. There is a rearguard flank that is trying to unseat him.  There you have at the head of the attempt the former Prime Minister Hubert Minnis, who disregards party discipline and does what he damn well pleases. That means that the FNM leader can’t concentrate and is flailing all over the place trying to make headlines and falling flat.  The latest was storming the battlements at the Office of the Prime Minister to demand that the PLP says whether any PLP spoke to people at  FTX.  He has a fixation about FTX and has been trying to pin the failure of FTX on the PLP. But hang on a second, was that not Kwasi Thompson back in the spring of this year, their Finance Shadow Minister, praising FTX and saying how happy he was that the FNM licensed FTX and that his only sorrow was that it was not in Grand Bahama instead of Nassau.  What a  web we weave when first we practice to deceive. The FNM is one big joke.