FNM Will Try To Stop Gray

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cialis buy times;”>Leader of the Opposition Hubert Minnis is at it again.  The matter of Alfred Gray is dead and gone and whether or not he threatened a magistrate.  Not so for Mr. Minnis it seems.  Mr. Minnis told the press last week that the FNM intends to stop Alfred Gray from speaking in the House of Assembly.  They have done this by banging on the table while Mr. Gray is speaking.  The Minister cannot be heard over the din.   The PLP has not found an effective way to deal with it and the Speaker of the House has not dealt with it  save to ignore it.   We find it incredible that the House of Assembly, which is supposed to be the freest forum in the country, where there are two privileges, the right of freedom of speech, and the right of access is now to be a place where free speech is prevented.  The Leader of the Opposition is supposed to be one of the protectors of freedom of speech and here he is stopping a legitimately elected member of the house from exercising his right as a free citizen of The Bahamas and we do nothing about it.