Newbold Contradicts Damien

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sildenafil troche times;”>Zephaniah Newbold who is the man and the local government administrator who  claimed that his minister Alfred Gray threatened him and so he let a man go who had been according to him duly convicted.  The Attorney General Allyson Maynard when she got the case against Mr. Gray declined to prosecute saying that there was a conflict in the evidence.   Damien Gomez, cialis buy try the Minister of State, cialis told the press and reported here last week that  Mr. Newbold couldn’t remember exactly what Mr. Gray said to him.  That set the stage for Mr. Newbold who clearly is  a man who does not know when to leave well enough alone, and one has to question whether he is a fit and proper person to be in the public service, was back in the press last week to contradict the minister saying that he remembered very well what he said and the tone which Mr. Gray used.   Time for Mr. Newbold to go sit, take time out and reflect.