Former Candidate for Public Office Alfred Poitier Opines On The Future

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It is clearly evident that the Free National Movement understands their imminent loss at the polls in the upcoming General Elections.  The simple fact that their concentration on the leader of the Progressive Liberal Party and the Party would be better placed on developing a real plan to address the issues that face our nation and the masses of our citizenship.

Our current Prime Minister must address his cronies to live in the reality of today.  Mudslinging should be the last thing that the FNM party would want to participate in.  The PLP has primarily been very respectful and usually only respond when attached by the FNM.  However, please take this as warning, the Bahamian People are interested in having their burdens eased and issues resolved.  

The mudslinging is merely a distraction from the reality.  The truth is the Government must provide a clear path for the following:

  • Detailed plan for the proper fight against COVID-19 including plans for obtaining vaccinations, distribution of vaccines (who will be vaccinated and the priority of their grouping). 
  • Detailed plan for small business that suffered or are suffering due to actions taken by the Competent Authority since April of 2020 to present.
  • Detailed plan on the way forward for displaced workers.
  • What plans are being made for continued assistance?
  • What type of assistance to be provided?
  • Housing assistance
  • Food assistance
  • Utility bills assistance
  • Other assistance
  • Plan of bringing normalcy back to the day-to-day activities of the citizens of the country.
  • Plan to address the excessive borrowing of the country (increasing debt).
  • Plan to raise funds to service government debt.
  • Plan to balance the budget and improve the credit rating of the Bahamas. 
  • Plan to improve the educational system in the Bahamas and provide the necessary tools for the proper educational development of our children.
  • Safety plan for the return of our students to physical classroom presence.
  • Accounting for fines collected for infractions under the emergency powers act.
  • Plan to improve the ability to locally produce basic food items and move towards being self-sustaining with regards to food production.
  • What inflation fighting mechanism is being put in place to help safeguard the citizens of The Bahamas from less buying power of their dollar.

These are a few basic issues that the people deserve an answer to.  So, let’s get to getting the Peoples work done.  The smoke screens and attempt to deflect the ineptness of the FNM by bad mouthing the PLP and our Leader cannot and will not help your campaign.  

Our leader is addressing the issues and meeting the people who are hurting and providing a level of relief. 

Maybe the leader of the FNM should do his job and include the average Bahamian in the group that he is providing relief for!