Fred Mitchell Responds To Brensil Rolle

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12 April 2021

Today Brensil Rolle, Minister for the Public Service, lowered the standards of the House of Assembly by engaging in dog do do talk in the House of Assembly about me.

The Minister doesn’t have to be the snivelling coward that he appears to be and hide behind House of Assembly immunity. The files are all there. He doesn’t have to guess. He knows the law. Instead he engages in filth and disinformation. If you bad come outside and repeat the lies and innuendoes.

I would happily oblige him and purchase a poop scooper for him and his words and deliver it to the House of Assembly.

He could be a man though and come outside and talk that dog do do in the open. He will find out quite quickly what a poop scooper can do. I have one just his size.

It is interesting that a man dumped by his own party, forcibly retired, should engage in false and defamatory allegations against me but clearly isn’t man enough to attack Hubert Minnis who took his nomination away.

The rock hit the chicken and the chicken is squawking. Poor fool.