Fred Ramsay, Former FNM Candidate, Convicted Of Bribery

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At the age of 78, and following the pangs of a stroke, the Deacon in the Church at Fox Hill Fred Ramsay was convicted of 12 counts of bribery and found not guilty of four.  Although it was expected, it is still a stunning fall for a man of great dignity, worth and reputation in his local community.   He is out on bail and will be sentenced at a later time.  It appears that he will almost certainly face jail time.  Even if he does not, the psychological effects of this must be devastating.  This now is a proven case of corruption under the FNM. Many PLPs were mad with the government’s prosecutors because they did not call Frank Watson, the Deputy Prime Minister and Hubert Ingraham, the then Prime Minister, who at the Cabinet level changed the unanimous decision of the Board of BEC on which Mr. Ramsey served to contract to another vendor.  Mr. Ramsay got 300,000 dollars from the contractor who won the award to persuade the case in their favour.  Now he ends up being the fall guy for corruption in the FNM.  Strangely, the Leader of the Opposition Hubert Minnis is silent. Not a word.