Fred Smith Bankrupting The FNM Govt. With Their Cooperation

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Over the past week the national political clown Fred Smith Q C was doing what he does best that is taking advantage of simple administrative errors and piling up costs against the government.  He got one order for habeas corpus after the next to release various people from the detention centre for illegal migrants.  You can bet that this has nothing to do with human rights as he likes to argue.  This is only about money in his pocket.  One clear example of that is the outrageous demand for 600,000 dollars for costs in a phoney case that he brought against Jerome Fitzgerald for reading emails in the House of Assembly.  This after he and his boys abandoned the appeal of the bad decision by his favourite Judge to stop MPs from speaking in Parliament. It’s all about the money.  One day there will be a day of reckoning for Fred Smith and the treachery which he has exercised to undermine this country.  The whole deal is to find these administrative errors so he can catch a weak AG’s office off guard, win the case then demand hundreds of thousands of dollars from the public treasury to pay for it.