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cialis here times;”>Description: Almost alone on this question , sildenafil click Fred Mitchell MP, has been leading campaign to show the nature of Fred Smith Q C.  Mr. Mitchell is fond of saying that people must think he (Mr. Mitchell) speaks Greek.  The comments he has made about Mr. Smith are accepted with bemusement, and has been reduced from time to time as some kind of fun game between the “ two Freds”.  Fred Smith is a man who accused the Immigration Department of running a Nazi gas chamber.  This is  a man who called the immigration officers “ institutional terrorists”.  He said it not only here but he spread the message abroad.  At each juncture he was discredited, but mainly laughed off.  He encouraged non-nationals to sue The Bahamas government over immigration issues and said this would overwhelm the government and lead to its bankruptcy.  Again this was accepted with bemusement.  He went down on his knees, was mocking God hoping that Fred Mitchell would never become Prime Minister or win the next election.  He does not believe in God said Mr. Mitchell in reply in the House.  His only God, said Mr. Mitchell is money.  That too was accepted with bemusement.  He went to court and  helped two Cubans to leave jail and might well have known that they would smuggle their way into the United States.  That warrants a criminal or at the least an ethical investigation.  Nothing done.  Again greeted with bemusement.  

Now it turns out from the evidence that we see that some 8.25 million dollars passed through accounts under his control to fund an organization called Save The Bays which the Minister of Education Jerome Fitzgerald now says  is not an environmental group at all but a political organization, masquerading as an environmental group.  It now appears that a rich billionaire, put money into Fred Smith’s hands with the sole aim of destabilizing the government so that he could get at Peter Nygard with whom he was having a land dispute out there at Lyford Cay.   Fred Smith Q C is squarely to blame.  His side kick Joe Darville, who   is parading around as a human rights activist,  seems like he was in on the whole thing as well.  Our country is deeply shamed by these two men and their surrogates.  Shame, shame and double shame.