Fred Smith Loses The Rony Jean Case

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The Court of Appeal unanimously tossed out Fred Smith’s wacky and phony case for a man named Rony Jean who could not identify himself much less his nationality, yet Mr. Smith got a Judge at first instance to make the most extraordinary ruling.  The Judge Greg Hilton decided that  the crown had violated the rights of Mr. Jean and that he should be brought back to town from his home country Haiti and be given a status. The Court of Appeal led by Sir Michael Barnett said not a thing like it.  The Judge had made the most elementary procedural mistake.  He did not accept that he had the right person before him.  The evidence before him was that the writ of habeas corpus was a nullity since the Crown said that Immigration did not have the man they sought, and he was already in Haiti.  This should be a warning to the Attorney General’s office to stop capitulating to this foolish gadfly that ties up our courts with one court action after another.  Mr. Smith’s Q.C designation should be taken away from him. He should be stripped of his citizenship and any other cirmianl charge that can be piled on him.  He is a disgrace.  He uses the press and tactics designed to frighten and bludgeon people into submission.  This should teach us all from now to take anything he says with a grain of salt, in fact a whole box.  As for Mr. Jean, he should be sent back to Haiti.