Fred Smith Meeting In Bimini Is Environment By False Pretences

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There was supposed to be a government sponsored meeting in Bimini to discuss the environment on Thursday 15 June.  Turns out it wasn’t what it was advertised.  Fred Smith and his band of quacks and frauds who call themselves Save The Bays, the fake environmental organization, were at the meeting trying to drum up support for whatever their latest crusade is on Bimini.  The Minister for the Environment did not show up and neither did the new MP for Bimini.  All missing in action.  The people of Bimini were incensed that they had been fooled and told Fred Smith that no one wanted to hear from him and that he was not wanted in Bimini.  There are real problems re the environment there with the Bimini Bay Resort threatening the mangroves in North Bimini with a golf course and further housing development.