Burying Joe Jones Wife In Bimini | 14 March 2020

Gateway Ministries Senator Fred Mitchell with his good friend Joe Jones owner of Poggy Bay Market in Bimini at the funeral of his wife Letisha 14 March 2020 and with George Weech, former MP with Davon Rolle aka Rivi and in another photo former MP Obie Wilchcombe at the service.

THE PLP VISITS BIMINI | 12 October 2018

The Leader of the Progressive Liberal Party Philip Davis led a delegation to Bimini for a Branch meeting there.  Joining him was Senator Fred Mitchell, Chairman of the PLP.  There hasn’t been a real PLP meeting like the one in Bimini in a long time.  Obie Wilchcombe the incumbent candidate for the PLP was there […]

Bimini Race Is Coming Up 53rd Annual | 9th August Thursday 6 p.m

It’s that time of year again. Senator Fred Mitchell travels to Bimini for the 53rd Glenda’s Road Race which is a three mile race started by the late Glen Rolle of Bimini and named after his daughter. The race will start at 6 pm. from eh clinic in Porgy Bay and go for three miles […]

Fred Smith Meeting In Bimini Is Environment By False Pretences

There was supposed to be a government sponsored meeting in Bimini to discuss the environment on Thursday 15 June.  Turns out it wasn’t what it was advertised.  Fred Smith and his band of quacks and frauds who call themselves Save The Bays, the fake environmental organization, were at the meeting trying to drum up support […]

Death In Bimini Rev. Stanley Pinder and Rev. Clyde Flowers

Prime Minister Perry Christie speaking at the funeral of Rev. Stanley Pinder in Bimini 5 September. Our condolences to the family of the late Rev. Dr. Stanley Pinder, a Stalwart Councilor of the Progressive Liberal Party form Bimini.  Rev. Pinder who was the Pastor and lead Bishop at the Zion Baptist Church in Bimini was […]

100TH Birthday In Bimini

In the beautiful island of Bimini on November 7th, 2014 the community oldest, most respected and entertaining personality Uncle Natty Saunders aka Piccolo Pete celebrated his 100th Birthday in Grand Style at the Bimini Big Game Resort on North Bimini. For many of you who thought Piccolo enjoyed his celebration from the seat of the chair […]


By Arthia Nixon, sildenafil site The Ambassador Agencyfor Bahamas Consul General’s Office, Atlanta   (Bimini, Bahamas) Xernona Clayton, founder of the International Civil Rights Walk of Fame celebrated her 84th birthday on the Bahamas island where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. penned a portion of his “I Have A Dream” speech. One of the more […]