Friends Of Fox Hill Community Center Now A Non Profit In The U S

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From Senator Fred Mitchell
PLP Caretaker for the Fox Hill Constituency
For Immediate Release
On The Establishment Of Friends Of Fox Hill Community Center U S Charitable Corporation
11 December 2017

Senator Fred Mitchell with Maurice Tynes, Chair of the Fox Hill Community Centre and Carlton Brown, President of the Friends of the Fox Hill Community Centre at their meeting in Chicago 5 November. — 

Senator Fred Mitchell in Newport Beach, California with Maurice Tynes, Chair of the Fox Hill Community Centre and Barry Rysnick, Attorney at law 30 September.

Nassau, The Bahamas,

I am pleased to announce that with effect from 26th June 2017, the Friends of Fox Hill Community Centre has been approved in the United States as a 501 (c) nonprofit public benefit corporation in the State of California. This is one of the efforts which I started to support the charitable community work of the Centre in Fox Hill before I left as MP for the area and is now complete.

The nonprofit is headed by Carlton Brown as President, a resident of the state of Illinois, and a former resident of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas with long standing ties here. A bank account will be established shortly and US citizens, residents and Corporations can make tax deductible donations to the Foundation.

I want to thank the law firm of Vogt Resnick Sherak LLP for the yeoman’s work done in establishing this nonprofit for us and in particular Barry Resnick, Managing Partner and Attorney Yumi Choe. Words cannot express my gratitude for this contribution to our work here in The Bahamas.

I thank Nichoalos Karathanassis, Honorary Consul in The Bahamas for Sierre Leone for his kind support and assistance as well.

I want to thank Mr. Carlton Brown and his directors for their work in managing the fund. I encourage US citizens and residents to give generously to assist in the work of the Fox Hill Community Centre established to assist in violence prevention and in the care of the the Fox Hill Community. I encourage all Bahamians who have friends that are US Residents or citizens to give to support this worthy cause.

I thank also Maurice Tynes and the Members of the Board in Nassau for their support.
For further information on how persons can donate contact: