The Community Centre Is In Darkness And The Staff Unpaid

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We are now going into the second month where the Fox Hill Community Centre has been without electricity. This is a failure of the Fox Hill MP Shonel Ferguson to do her job as MP.  She sits on the Board of the Community Centre and has no clout with the government to carry out the agreement of the Government to pay the utilities of the centre and the salary of the staff for three years.  She is a failure as an MP.  She is always getting in things that she shouldn’t.  Fox example one of her agents went and took down the tree that the community put up when she failed to do the Christmas on the park function that normally occurs.  There was almost a fight on the park and they had to put it back up.  Then she went and spent more money to do another Christmas tree lighting in the park.  She could have spent that money helping people who have no food to eat.  It was simply a disgraceful waste of money. Fox Hill made a serious mistake electing this lady to be their MP.