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Funk’s Short Corner: The Grateful Dead / 10, 10 the Bible 10!

The corner is a Magna cum laude graduate of the University of Wulff Road, Central Highway and Cleso’s Campus with a Master’s Degree in “Humanistics”, Street Behaviour & Local Politics. 

In recent times, the Minnis Administration in the opinion of the Corner has come under undue criticism by the corner’s estimation. The Corner is first to agree that in politics these things come with the territory. However, the Corner is open-minded to be the first to say that most of it to some degree is not merited. But in the game of politics, you are subject to it. The Corner, has a particular concern, in how these political blows (criticism) are really thrown and it is unacceptable by the Corner given the short period of time of the Minnis Administration, 11 short months out of 60. C’mon fellas ease up! Make no mistake the Corner is a card-carrying member of the PLP (which is less important to me than being a Bahamian), although unhappy with their past performance, I am a Bahamian first, an extraordinary objective one, so I, the Corner, should give this government its first run of 60 months (5 years) before I can really consciously criticize it. Considering the 18,250 months of past administrations.  Thus the Corner summoned a summit on this topic last night. 

During the Joint Summit on the corner, last night comprising of like-minded individuals like The Corner… members present were Harry Hippy, John Logical, Mac Conclusion, Henry Practical and Himm. Surprisingly, although not invited to attend, but were heavenly and gracefully welcomed, were the spirits of Sir Cecil Wallace Whitfield, Sir Lynden Oscar Pindling, Sir Milo Milton Butler, Paul Adderley, Warren Levarity, Doris Johnson, Kendal Isaacs and even, Sir Roland Symonette. The spokesman for that group, by the consensus, Sir Lynden Pindling, advised the Summit, for heaven’s sake, as he pleaded, to the Bahamian people to be cautious of how they criticize the Minnis administration; because he and his heavenly colleagues who were previously mentioned agreed that Dr. Minnis should not be held accountable for the social and economic mess that presently confronts the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. He further said, that he, Hubert, and Perry, failed to perfect, in 50 combined years of leadership roles, the social and economic situation of The Bahamas. So please don’t expect Dr. Minnis to do it in five years. Especially since it’s only the first eleven months of his first term. 

As he was about to conclude, a soft, rustic, and ghostly voice, shouted from the group, the voice seemed to be that of the late Peter Bethel the former Minister of Sports “You can’t judge the result of a Marathon race in the first five miles…” Then Mr. Pindling concluded, “Tell them to give Dr. Minnis a chance,” as they dispersed heavenly into the abyss…

As they were departing and you know he could not let them go without having his say, the ghostly voice of Paul Adderley shouted profoundly “have a conscience” ……

Undoubtedly Harry and the boys who I didn’t know were afraid of ghost are still under the tree chanting “10, 10 the Bible 10”. 

As we were leaving the summit, Himm uttered to me, “after all dat sense that Pindling advised and the Summit revealed, watch tomorrow they will say the Corner turned FNM”..  


In Sir Cecil’s short contribution at the Summit he advised to keep on pushing, please LISTEN!