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As a young Bahamian professional and global ambassador, I am aghast at the reckless and malicious way that persons have spoken about me, and others, over the past few months. I have remained silent for the most part, but I am compelled to respond directly to the latest accusations that have gone viral on social media, relative to my receipt of a Government contract.

My company, Immerse Bahamas was contracted by the government to provide Public Relations for the newly formed Ministry for Grand Bahama. This legitimate contract covered a variety of services to the Ministry, including documentation of the work of the Ministry and the Hawksbill Creek Review Committee, as well as the revitalization of Grand Bahama. These services included the development and ongoing management of the HCA Review Committee website, the aerial and other photography and videography, graphic design, booklet development and printing, social media management, and event coverage.

The work of my company, and that of the numerous employees assigned specifically to the Ministry for Grand Bahama’s project, cannot be challenged. Personnel included videographers, writers, public relations officers, an administrator, web designer, photographer, and graphic designer. In essence, this contract assisted a number of Bahamians who are skilled in specialized services, and empowered entrepreneurs.

Hence, I look forward to any investigation that is launched, as I am confident of my vindication.

Those spreading malicious rumours via social media are cowards, who try to damage the characters of others by spewing reckless innuendos, because they believe that they will not be held accountable. But God still reigns!

My integrity, professionalism, work ethic, and the fact that I firmly stand for what I believe in, are irrefutable. I am proud to have been apart of history and to have documented the work of the first Minister for Grand Bahama, which I am certain will be recorded in the annals of history. My company would also be prepared to offer similar services to the new Minister of State for Grand Bahama in the Office of the Prime Minister.

Immerse Bahamas was formed to create opportunities for Bahamians, and to tell the wonderful stories of our country and our people. As Bahamians, we can do better!

~ Ginger M. Moxey