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Statement by Glenys Hanna Martin, MP for Englerston in response to FNM Chairman release: Thursday July 26th, 2018.

The FNM Chairman has no credibility. He is a pure political propagandist and apologist for an organization that has backtracked and flip flopped on its solemn pledges to the Bahamian people and betrayed their trust.
His press releases are an embarrassment to the truth and common sense bordering on a national nuisance
For his information I and the other members of the Progressive Liberal Party supported the Economic Zone Bill in the House of Assembly. Unlike the FNM Chairman we are not rubber stamps in the House of Parliament. We speak for the people we represent without fear or favour.
During debate of the Bill we expressed our concerns chief of which are:-
1) the exclusion of communities of similar demographics with similar or identical challenges including Englerston
2) ensuring residents are not pushed out in the sale and resale of lands
3) protecting Bahamian land from land speculators
4) prohibiting valuable concessions from the public purse being awarded to foreign investors in these communities and not to the benefit of Bahamians
5), the absence of any empowering provisions in the bill for residents who may not have readily available capital to access the concessions,
6) a concern that the wealthy will again benefit from hard-earned tax payers dollars to the disadvantage of struggling Bahamians.
The FNM Chairman has proven over and over the truth that “unsolicited ignorance is criminal”. He has also demonstrated that it must take him two hours to watch 60 minutes.