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From the Office of the Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party

On The Conduct of the Speaker of the House of Assembly

For Immediate Release

25 July 2018

The PLP continues to object to the conduct of the Speaker of the House of Assembly toward members of the PLP in the people’s House. Today the Speaker displayed blatant disrespect and hostility toward the Leader of the Opposition and toward the MP for Englerston. We remind the Speaker that he is condemned by his conduct which does not allow our MPs to express freely the views of their constituents. The Speaker is simply unable to offer even simple decency, civility and courtesy. He instead adopts an unrelenting predisposition to block at every turn what the PLP has to say with hatred and venom. His conduct is vain and undemocratic and we urge him to catch himself. We are unimpressed. People of goodwill reject his hostility and incivility as unbecoming.