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So the Attorney General Carl Bethel, that strong warrior for truth and justice and locking up PLP politicians, was not quite in the press but used his surrogate Candia Dames to mouth the fact that new legislation is coming to stop corruption.  There is to be an anti-corruption bill and there are to be amendments to other laws which will allow them in a place where there are no campaign finance laws to take away a politician’s property and money if he can’t explain it.  The legislation has not been shown to the Opposition but they leaked it to the press.   This is the new FNM playbook. Meanwhile, 600 workers at the Ministry of Education had no money in the bank at the end of last month. School starts and it takes 400 dollars to prepare a child for school. The legislation is clearly designed only to stop the PLP from getting funding because that is the party which depends on small cash donations to make a go of it.  Dr. Minnis and his Minister of Foreign Affairs are out partying in Atlanta.  Enjoy it fellows.  Four months down 56 to go.