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There you see it again, the flower of the youth of Haiti trying to get into another man’s country, our country.  This group of 53 was caught in Abaco last week and is going to be sent back.  But each year thousands make the journey from Haiti and who knows how many die and how many actually make it.  What we know is that we have a population that is afraid of being swamped by Haitians and there is a backlash in the population over it.

At the same time, the nation is actually helpless in the face of it.  Its system of bureaucracy can’t cope with the demand for foreign labour on a timely basis.  This feeds the illegality of Haitians.  The system is clogged with applications for citizenship mainly from Haitian children who have no status here and whose parents refuse to give them status until they can access their constitutional entitlement.

Immigration is a hot button item. We have a minister who cares not a hoot about Haitians coming but is ensuring as in the case of the Abaco Beach Resort that decisions which were made to protect Bahamian workers were reversed and now five Bahamian workers have been fired since someone who was thrown out of the country as a bad manager is back again under the new immigration minister.

Then let’s switch to crime.  The FNM has a policeman in charge of National Security.  He may as well be Bozo the clown. He is so lost in space.  His only   thing is to lock up PLP politicians and he will come to rue that one day.  It is a serious political mistake. While he is busy doing that, the Government is running the economy into the ground.  The murder rate is rising exponentially.  He is helpless in the face of it.

They even robbed the Bishop of the Anglican Church’s family of the Bishop’s car and possessions last week.

The Anglican Church issued this statement:

This morning at about 7:30, Bishop Laish Boyd’s personal assistant, his 3 sons and their cousin were robbed at gunpoint by three masked gunmen. The incident took place in the driveway of the Bishop’s Residence in San Souci. The bandits took the Bishop’s car along with personal effects from the five individuals. The Bishop is on route from a visit to Antigua and will be back later today. Please pray for the Bishop and all other involved in this most unfortunate incident. Let us pray also for the perpetrators of such crimes. Police are actively investigating this matter. August 29, 2017

Well the society was outraged.

They were outraged again when an infant 8 months old was gunned down by some 19 year old fellow who went into the infant’s parent’s house and sprayed the inside with bullets.  The infant died instantly.  When he was charged, he was crying in court and he said, he had no idea what they were talking about.  Lying through his teeth.

Chances are in this system, The case will never come to trial.

It has been four years since 4 people were killed in Fox Hill on the public park. The case has not come to trial.  When and if it does, what do you think the quality of the evidence on that will be?

So we have a hopeless and hapless Government. Good at rage.

We have a Minister of Education who thinks he is still a talk show host, talking the problems of education away.

We have a lost in space National Security Minister.

We have a partying Prime Minister.

The barbarians are at the gate, and all we have is outrage.

Number of hits for the week ending Saturday 2 September, 2017 up to midnight: 310,800;
Number of hits for the month of August up to Thursday 31 August, 2017 up to midnight: 1,501,855;
Number of hits for the year 2017 up to Saturday 2 September, 2017 up to midnight: 8,747,320.