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Caricom is proposing a meeting with the stakeholders of the political scene in Haiti in Kingston, Jamaica in early June.  No one knows whether it will work but nothing so far has worked because the situation in Haiti is so politically intractable. We have argued here that there simply needs to be containment.  The forces should simply block the migration from Haiti and allow the Haitians to fight out their problems until they come to sensible solutions.  Caricom has no heft except with the support of the United States and Canada and those two countries have essentially thrown their hands up in the air and tried to fob off the responsibilities in the matter to the nations of Caricom. The Haitians don’t respect Caricom and will not conform to anything unless the powerful countries are involved.  Anyway, the group has called into being three former Prime Ministers: Kenny Anthony of St Lucia, Bruce Godling of Jamaica, and Peery Christie of The Bahamas to try and work out a compromise and a way forward.  Let’s hope for the sake of the region that what they do works.