Hanna Martin Answers Kenyatta Gibson on Gaming Board Dismissals

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1 December 2017 (posted on Facebook)

Good afternoon:
I read the Chairman Kenyatta Gibson’s statement on the mass firings at the Gaming Board.
Will he explain to the Bahamian people that if the persons fired have no technology background which warrants their termination what background does his aging retiree Consultant which he just hired have?
Is he saying the people fired are useless or in the words of his Minister “non-essential?”
And why name and blame your HR person for a deliberate FNM government policy of firing people across the board?
Is it not the case that the very same people he is devaluing were part of the team and caused for the transformation of which he speaks?
Are they being victimized for their contribution to this progress?
To discard Bahamian professionals in such crude and heartless manner makes us wonder when they said it was the People’s time who people they really meant.
Because now we see them roll out the red carpet for the foreigner whilst they roll the red carpet OVER Bahamians. #whopeopletime?