Only Minnis Thinks Crime Is Down

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The Prime Minister Hubert Minnis is a totally lost soul. He pronounced to the press two weeks ago that the country was calm, that crime was down and so was the fear of crime. He must be dreaming. His lost Minister of National Security Marvin Dames was suffering from the same delusions. He said that the rate of murders had decreased in the last six months. This headline of course appeared in his sister’s newspaper The Nassau Guardian. On Friday 25 November, four fishermen were returning from the day out on the sea and had just sold their catch and were packing up and leaving the Montagu Ramp when they were set upon by armed gunmen at 6 p m in the evening and robbed of their money and possessions. We suppose they are calm and the fact that crime is pronounced down and the rate of murders going down, all of that must please them.