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Darren Henfield the new Foreign Minister, is a lost soul.  The following comment appeared on line in response to a press conference held by him on Thursday 20 July: “Bahamas Foreign Affairs Minister Henfield called his first press conference. Bahamians waited with bated breath for this big foreign policy announcement. Henfield announced that Bahamians should collect their passports at Anatol Rodgers and he will determine if the govt will continue with this location as the bus does not travel that far south. This announcement was carried by the international press. I am sorely afraid for the foreign policy legacies left behind by both Paul L. Adderley and Fred Mitchell. Henfield has only been on the job all of nine weeks and already he is making historic and ground-breaking announcements on our foreign policy. Should the passport pick up location be CV Bethel, Anatol Rodgers or AF Adderley? He’ll just make it the Town Centre Mall and make Brent happy.”

The announcement about the passports should clearly have been made by the Chief Passport Officer.  The Minister is not a mechanic but a policy maker.  Let us also say that trying to defend the bringing back of low level staff to The Bahamas as a cost savings measure is being penny wise and pound foolish.  It was just a vindictive action taken against people who had been hired by the former Minister.  It will cramp the ability of the missions to carry out their work.  One man still sits in Miami because the Ministry can’t find the money to bring him home.  So he sits in Miami with no place to live and no idea when they will be able to find the money to transport him back to Nassau.  That’s the new Minister and his FNM government for you.