Henfield’s Overreach

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The people from the We March, Renard Henfield and John ‘Bullets’ Bostwick called for a national strike on day two of the PLP’s Convention.  The call was a flop and went unheeded.  No strike, no sit down, and only a handful turned up to protest as you see from the picture taken at midday in Rawson Square.  We warned them that they would overreach.  They think more about themselves than is warranted.  They now have a taste of real life.  Poor Mr. Henfield posted the lament on Facebook. Paul Maynard, who is the Vice President of the National Congress of Trade Unions told them that they should stay out of union business.  Well said.  Sloan Smith, the Union Executive for the Immigration and Customs Officers, is refusing to sign the agreement negotiated with the Government, even though his members want him to sign.  Shane Gibson, the Public Service Minister, says that he may go ahead and sign anyway and just adjust the salaries of the customs officers and leave the immigration officers to stew in the fat of Sloan Smith.  Our advice to Immigration is to get on aboard and quickly.