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There is now a public you say and I say about whether Pakiesha Parker Edgecombe MP for West Grand Bahama and Bimini was trying to join the PLP while seeking to get renominated by the FNM for the seat. In a statement on 16 February 2021, she issued a denial saying that it was a blatant lie. Here are the alleged facts from those who say that she did in fact try to join the PLP:

There were at least three meetings with an intermediary which began as early as the last quarter of last year. The MP was said to be nervous about whether she would be renominated by the FNM and was complaining that she was being mistreated and ignored by the Prime Minister. She was nervous about meeting the Leader of the Opposition who agreed to see her because she did not want any news getting out about what she was doing.  She was assured that when such a meeting took place, it would be in a safe house.

There was then a second meeting with an intermediary and a family member was present as well. The MP had several concerns: once she resigned from the FNM, she would lose her salary of the parliamentary secretary and she wanted to know whether the salary could be made up by the PLP. She was assured that it could be done. The relative said that he was not a supporter of the PLP but if the MP wanted to do so, he would support her in whatever she decided.

The trail went cold. Then on 6 February 2021, the intermediary appeared in his car with the MP in the car at the airport for the departure of Leader Philip Davis on his  visit to Grand Bahama.  She was nervous to be seen coming out of the car to speak with him.  There was a chase car, her personal car, with a relative at the wheel. The message came from the intermediary that she wanted two weeks to give a decision.

On 17 February 2021, the intermediary called to say in the middle of the denials of the facts by the MP, a Minister of the government had called him to ask what had happened. The intermediary’s name is not disclosed. Only one person could have told the Minister. It would not have been Mr. Mitchell. So Mrs. Parker-Edgecombe has some splaining to do.

She was renominated by the FNM in the mean time for the seat.

She now claims that all of this  is “ a blatant lie”.

You be the judge.